How to use Soil Pods

Soil Pods are a dehydrated soil wafer that Okra Garden Supply sells to help make it easy for gardeners to start new plants.

Soil Pods are made in the USA, organic, and have the minerals and nutrients that will help your seeds need to start.

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Soil Pod soil wafers


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If you have your Soil Pods and are ready to start growing, follow these steps.

  1. Place 1-2 pods in a small pot. (Learn how to make an Origami Box from your wrapper)2 soil pod wafers
  2. Slowly add 3 teaspoons of water per pod and watch them expand.Soil pod with water starting to be added. More water added to soil pods as they expand. Wet soil expanded to fill container.
  3. Plant one seed in the expanded soil.Use a small tool, like a chop stick, to make a small hole to put the seed in.
  4. Water twice daily.
  5. Transplant into a larger container once your plant has 4 leaves.


Watch as we expand 12 soil pods into the Garden Cube Medium:

garden cube medium | soil pods

Soil Pod Wrapper Origami Box for Germinating Seeds

Part of the Okra Garden Supply mission is to drive sustainability with our product design and supply chain. One way we want to achieve this is to look for ways to reduce waste in our product packaging. We chose butcher paper to wrap and protect many of the Okra Garden Supply products, like Soil Pods and Garden Labels. It turns out that you can quickly turn a square of butcher paper into a small box to use when starting your seeds.

Follow the instructions below to re-use your Soil Pods wrapper and help reduce waste and create a more sustainable gardening experience.

Of course you can also use paper you already have lying around, although it should have some level of water resistance, like butcher paper does, and thin enough to fold. We are using made in the USA pink butcher paper for our packaging.

Credit to where we found this folding method.

Step 1 – Start with a square of paper

For this method to work, you need to start with a square of paper. The Soil Pods wrapper is a 5″ x 5″ square, which will fit 2 Soil Pod wafers of soil. For other products, you may need to cut the paper to make sure it is square.

5" x 5" square piece of paper

Step 2 – Fold the base

  1. Fold along the diagonal to make a triangle from bottom left to top right. Crease and unfold. Fold in half along diagonal.
  2. Now do the same along the other diagonal, folding from bottom right to top left. Crease and unfold. Fold across the diagonal from right to left. Unfold the paper again.
  3. Making sure the diagonal creases line up, fold each corner of the square in to the middle.Fold the corner to the center. Fold next corner to the center. Fold the third corner to the center. Fold the final corner to the center.
  4. Open the paper back up.

Step 3 – Fold the box

You will use the creases made in step 1 to guide your folds.

  1. Fold each corner of the square in to the first perpendicular crease line. Again, make sure the diagonal lines are lined up.Fold each corner to the first perpendicular line to the diagonal.
  2. And now we will fold each of the 4 corners in again along the existing crease.Fold corners along existing crease. Fold all four corners in to existing crease (halfway to center)
  3. Flip the paper over and rotate so it is oriented as a square in front of you. Flip over the paper and orient as square in front of you.
  4. Fold the top and bottom halves upward into the middle crease. Crease well and unfold.Fold bottom up toward middle crease. Fold top down to middle crease. Unfold the top and bottom flap again.
  5. With the left and right halves, fold into the middle crease, but do not unfold.Fold left half into center crease. Fold right half to center crease and leave folded.
  6. Open the right side flap over the left side.Unfold right side flap as shown.
  7. Fold the top and bottom right corners on the diagonal.Fold top right corner down. Fold bottom right corner up.
  8. Now bring both flaps over from the left to the right.Unfold left flap over to the right.
  9. And then fold the top and bottom left corners on the diagonal.Fold top and bottom left corners inward.
  10. Bring only the top flap back over from the right to the left.Bring only the top flap back from the right side.
  11. And for your final move, you will carefully pry open the paper from the middle, shaping the box with your fingers.Open box from middle. Continue to open. Work creases into the corners for a sharper box.