Best Way To Eat Collard Greens

Nine panel infographic showing a raw egg and prepped collard greens in front of an instant pot, then food in instant pot, then timer on instant pot, then cooked food in instant pot, then removing food from instant pot, then food in bowl, then clean ramekin. Image includes Okra Garden Supply logo.
 The Okra Garden Supply Breakfast is very simple to make with an Instant Pot.

Recipe: Egg and Collard Greens

This recipe is the best way to easily, quickly, and inexpensively incorporate collard greens into your diet.  And this recipe only has 93 calories but provides over 50% of your daily dose of Vitamin A and 30% of Vitamin C.  Eat your greens and be strong!

  1. Use the trivet included with the Instant Pot and add 1 ½ cups water to Instant Pot.
  2. Grease one ramekin with butter and add an egg.
  3. Place one frozen collard ball in another ramekin.
  4. Place both ramekins on the trivet and use the steam function for two minutes
  5. I like to wait a few minutes before releasing, in the example for the photo below I waited 4 minutes
  6. Release steam, open lid, use oven mit to take ramekins out of Instant Pot
  7. Dump collards in serving bowl, the inside of the ball may still be a little cold depending on how long you left it in the Instant Pot, but just squish the collards around and it will be fine.
  8. Use a fork to separate the egg from the edge of the ramekin and dump it on top of the collards. Add salt and pepper and eat.
  9. No, it doesn’t taste great. But, it is excellent for your health.  Just eat it up and you will feel terrific!
  10. Dishes, the best part is that this creates very few dishes. This is the CLEANEST AND HEALTHIEST WAY TO COOK AN EGG.  Sorry for the caps but I have been looking for a no hassle way to cook eggs, and this is it!  Eggs cooked with this method have many potential uses.  Look how clean that ramekin is.  Yay!

Steam with Egg, serve with salt and pepper

Spring, TX

Eating home grown food is easy. Just grow food and eat it.
That was how I thought before I began my eating homegrown journey. But, my mind changed as I encountered challenges. The first challenge was that the food I like to eat I was not able to grow. Partially because the Houston and Gulf Coast area has a climate that is different from the temperate climate I am grew up with, mostly because growing food takes attention and skill. I am a bit short on both. The second challenge was that the food I was able to grow, example, collard greens, I didn’t enjoy eating. The absolute easiest way to address these challenges is to change your attitude. Just WANT to eat what you can grow easily. This attitude change is what allowed me to revere collard greens. Not only because they survive when I ignore them, but also because eating collard greens has improved my life.
Your life will be improved also. Just eat the greens. BUT THEY TASTE AWFUL!!! You might be inclined to observe. So what. It isn’t about taste. If you give up on the expectation that every bite of food will taste good, you will start to feel good. I ate Okra Garden Supply Breakfast for breakfast 9 of the past 13 days and I am down a pant size and feel stronger. So, I feel completely secure in recommending this recipe (recipe in photo caption) to you. Try it! It is the best way to consistently incorporate home grown collard greens into your diet.
Ok, let me break it down: To save money and save the earth you have decided that you want to grow and eat your own food. You live in the Houston area. You are about to start/just started growing. You want to grow enough food that you can impact your family’s grocery budget. You are wisely focusing on growing collard greens. You have now harvested greens. Eat Okra Garden Supply Breakfast every day until you run out of greens. Slowly convince your family to also eat Okra Garden Supply Breakfast when they cannot deny the healthful improvement in your life once you started gardening and eating your harvest of collard greens.

Okra Garden Supply Breakfast, it feels good.

Also, salt and pepper are critical.

Link: For full coverage on how to process collard greens from the garden and get them ready to eat please visit this post, Collard Greens Garden To Freezer