Be Prepared

When you venture out into the wild (your backyard) do you feel prepared?  Ready for the challenge?  A big part of being ready to work in the yard is having a reliable pair of gloves.  Pull on your gloves and be confident.

Gloved hand with garage interior in background.
Put on your gloves and get out of the garage,

Whether you are wrangling pokey plants

Pkra Garden Supply Gloves and Bidens alba
These Bidens alba can poke and slice. When you need to make a stand against the overgrowth, you want to be wearing gloves.


Or gathering and breaking down gnarly sticks

Glove holding sticks
Rough, tough, protective. The plastic outer coating on these gloves allow you to boldly grab an unruly pile of sticks.

Even in a small suburban lot there is a surprising amount of heavy growth that needs to be managed.

Glove holding sticks
Collect and stack and break when you can. That is the plan for the loose sticks on my suburban lot with a few mature trees.

The thick coating that protects you and allows you to charge ahead and get things done.  Once all the debris is clear and you are ready to harvest, these gloves also have the tender touch that will not harm your produce during harvest.

Okra Garden Supply Gloves are also very flexible and soft so you can move from heavy duty tasks to harvesting tender leaves all with these cute gloves.

Once the harvest is complete and you can see the ground again, these gloves allow for the dexterity needed to pinch and pull the tiniest of baby weeds.

Gloved hand pulling weed
Here you can see how easy it is to take on tiny weeds with these gloves. The white background color of the hand of the glove really helps you to see what you are doing because of the contrast with plants and soil.

Durable enough to work all day

Gloved hand in the handle of a pitch fork
Protection is key when you are mulching all day. Using tools is no problem with these comfortable gloves. The cotton lining is nice and soft and you can shovel all day without tearing up your hands.

And cute enough for a photo

Gloves on rail
Back Hand Stack – Okra Garden Supply Gloves

Go outside and be ready with Made in USA Garden Gloves from Okra Garden Supply.

Gloves on hand with fingers extended. Pink ribbed cuff, white fabric with small rose print is the hand portion of the glove.
These beauties are currently available on Amazon


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