Get Started

The First Goal is not the Final Goal

Dear Reader,

Are you wondering how to get started?

The best way to start is to complete the first step.   Just accomplish the first thing.  In gardening the first step is taking a dry hard seed and turning it into a pair of tender leaves.  This is called germination.

Okra Garden Supply Soil Pods (video download- quick and easy)

Soil Pods Expand With Water

plus an egg carton, a window sill, and a devotion to watering are all it takes to germinate a seed.  And once you have, you will be a gardener.

Just take the first step.  Summon forth leaves with love and sun and water. You can do it! We have what you need to get started.  Here is how you do it:

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2) Cut apart the bottom half of an egg carton- kind of a challenge, but you can do it!


Cut apart egg carton
Use a cardboard egg carton. The bottom can be cut apart to make 12 tiny pots and the lid can be used as a tray.

3) Place a soil pod in each egg carton section and use egg carton lid as tray

Pods in carton in lid
Makes a tidy little package when you load up the lid.

4) Hydrate Pod and Plant seed of your choice

water bottle above soil and egg carton
Water gently

5) Place in sunny location and Water gently twice a day until two leaves emerge

Little green plants in the soil pods
Here you have little green babies. Good job!

6) Celebrate you accomplishment!  Hooray!  You are a gardener.


Take care,

Fire Ant Lisa

Owner, Okra Garden Supply