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My name is Lisa (a.k.a. Fire Ant Lisa) and I want you to start gardening!    I moved to Houston, TX 9 years ago from the Willamette Valley of Oregon in the USA.  There, I had gardened with great success and was able to harvest food and veggies for my friends and family.  Then I moved to Texas.  Things are a little different down here so I have learned new plants, adopted new methods, and invented new devices to make it possible for me to improve my gardening results.

I have this website because I wanted to put myself out there.  There is a whole big world out here, and I want to make a contribution.  I want to have ideas and share them with you!  So, thank you for visiting my website.  It is my hope to join you along your way of gardening, so join the email list and respond, call into my podcast, Gulf Coast Garden, on anchor, comment on my photos on instagram, check out the products in my shop, call me on the phone, 541-915-5462, send me a letter (address below).  Lets connect.


Have a great day.

Lisa Emerson
3646 Chapel Square Drive
Spring, TX 77388