Okra Garden Supply Newsletter #1

Photo of head of Collard Greens with three sets of googly eyes and bowties drawn over the photograph.
Photo Caption: Hello!

Thank You Beatrice!

Spring, TX

Dear Beatrice,

Thank you very much for joining the email list.  Though you are not a stranger, you were not yet a friend either, and yet you signed up for my email newsletter.  Someday a total stranger from the internet will join the email list too, and then we will really have something.

For now I continue to work on my DIATOMS packaging.  I hope to have it submitted to the EPA by next month’s newsletter.

Please, dear Beatrice, in the great scope of southern gardening, and the ability of a suburbanite of the south to grow their own food, and in the arena of pesticides and how to handle insects on your property, in the interesting space that discusses infestations and native species, in the tug of war between the pollinators and the weeds, in the rules and who makes them, Beatrice, dear Beatrice, what do you want to hear about?  I will absolutely write about it without delay.

Reply, please, and tell me.


Klein Collard (Lisa)

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