Solve your gardening challenges with innovative products

What is keeping you from the garden?

Overcoming the challenges that I faced becoming a gardener led me to start Okra Garden Supply and that is why our mission is to solve your gardening challenges with innovative products.

Innovation means a few different things at Okra Garden Supply.  It may mean that I created the product sketches as is the case with the Garden Cube.

Computer Drawing of a raised planter bed
Building a raised bed was a challenge that I faced getting started gardening. I wanted there to be an easy to ship, order on Amazon, build whatever size shape I wanted raised bed. I didn’t want to have to go to Home Depot. I wanted to become a gardener not a carpenter. So, I imagined this Garden Cube and now I really, really, want it. So I am doing my best to find a way to manufacture this simple little thing, patent pending.


Innovation may be more about the supply chain as is the case with our Made In the USA garden gloves.  Also the cotton wrist and lining is unique and a welcome break from the nitrile gloves that are so common.

Gloves on hand with fingers extended. Pink ribbed cuff, white fabric with small rose print is the hand portion of the glove.
These beauties are currently available on Amazon


If you have a little patch of Earth that you can tend, consider starting a garden in 2020.  Visit my Instagram, @FireAntLisa for inspiration on what you may be able to expect with a few hours of work a month.


Take care,

Fire Ant Lisa

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This is me! Happy New Year!

Owner, Okra Garden Supply