Brown Thumb? Doesn’t Exist.

Raised garden bed with wooden sides and collard green plants, the largest is about 3 feet tall.
This is my collard green patch. The longest tallest plant was started from seed in the early spring of 2015. It had already bolted once by the time I started Okra Garden Supply in 2017. It bolted again this past spring, 2018. We will see if the regular large leaf style growth returns in 2019.

Eat to Live! Live to Eat!

Spring, TX

Do not let disappointment distract you from your dream of growing. You can, and will, grow something and receive joy from the experience. Just know that along the way plants will probably die. When something dies – plant something else, don’t worry. Keep going. There is nothing to know and everything to know. The important thing is that it doesn’t matter how much you know. Start today. Don’t worry. Experience is more interesting than knowledge. In gardening, experience is everything, and there is only one way to get experience.
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Grow And Eat Greens

Photograph raised bed with collards
Photo Caption: Okra Garden Supply garden with collard greens growing.

How To Grow and Eat Greens

Spring, TX

The important thing is to focus on the greens.
Grow and eat the greens.
Grow and eat the greens.
Grow and eat the greens.
To grow collard greens I recommend starting in small pots, then when the plants have four true leaves they should be planted in their permanent home. The permanent home should be a sunny spot, preferably raised above the surrounding area. Water daily, pick cabbage worms should they arrive, and harvest leaves when the primary veins are between 80 and 120 degrees from the stalk. Rinse leaves, strip primary vein, chiffonade, cook, and eat. After the thousandth bite of collard greens from your own garden so many dimensions of your health will be improved that you will happily post a video on YouTube of you singing the collard greens song.