A Waste-er is a terrible thing to be

Rotten banana peal green carrot tops, kernel of corn, in a messy pile with ants and fruit flies
Photo Caption: Recognize the banana peal? Can you spot the ants? This is what wet compost looks like.

As was introduced previously and will be emphasized continuously, gardeners must compost. To not compost is wasteful and a waste-er is a no good thing to be. I like to think of compost in terms of wet and dry. Wet items come from the kitchen and are gooey and juicy and very attractive to insects and potentially mammals and birds. You might think, ewe, or gross, upon seeing a pile of wet compost – like the photo above. Wet compost goes in a bin with a lid that is open to the ground below. Dry compost is also described as “yard waste” and is put in a big pile next to the bin. Dry compost is primarily composed of grass clippings and fallen leaves. So, get a bin like this (Please note that this website is a little wonky, much better than my store, but the composter is on Amazon too. I just try to link to the original.) Then, put all your wets in the container and then when the bugs are too much, smother them with some dry.