Sunny again – but the damage is done

Freezing one minute, balmy the next.

Sometimes a freeze will reveal something about your garden that you didn’t know before.  In this case a collard plant was hiding in the Bidens alba.  Bidens can’t take a freeze so it all went dark green and limp but the ever resilient Collard greens survived.  Like the sun peaking through a cloud.

It seems you can’t kill Collards around here.  I cooked up the collards for dinner with beans and bacon and it was delicious!


Today’s Goal: List 1 lb Diatomite on ebay, sub goal, print lables

~ Lisa


ps. This post is relevant in the days ahead:

Dream Garden


Burrrrrr – It Is Freezing

Us southern gardeners can get a little smug regarding  our ability to plant and harvest year round.

Why would you can green beans when you can just pick fresh beans for Christmas dinner?

No, we don’t have to sit on pins and needles for 1/2 a year waiting for that first bite of ripe tomato.  We start harvesting our red gems in March.

Welcome to my garden, please, take a stroll past the hibiscus, begonia, and gardenia.  All happy and healthy, no special care required.

and then….



Jack frost takes a trip down south and humility is the unintended guest.

Hibiscus = Die-Biscus

Begonia = Slime-on-ya  The plant just dissolves into mush.

Banana = Ba-bye-bye

Sure, a few potted plants made it into the garage.  But much of what was green and growing yesterday will not make it thought to next weekend.  It won’t be a slow death either.  Many times the leaves stay green for a day or so.  Enough for your hope to grow, maybe they made it… nope.

What is a southern gardener to do when the cold high pressure is forecasted?

Cover, Cover, Cover.  (Products coming soon)

If you don’t cover your plants with a sheet, you will cover your eyes with your hands.

That is what I have to do this AM.

Today’s Goal: Image and product description into opencart.