Burrrrrr – It Is Freezing

Us southern gardeners can get a little smug regarding  our ability to plant and harvest year round.

Why would you can green beans when you can just pick fresh beans for Christmas dinner?

No, we don’t have to sit on pins and needles for 1/2 a year waiting for that first bite of ripe tomato.  We start harvesting our red gems in March.

Welcome to my garden, please, take a stroll past the hibiscus, begonia, and gardenia.  All happy and healthy, no special care required.

and then….



Jack frost takes a trip down south and humility is the unintended guest.

Hibiscus = Die-Biscus

Begonia = Slime-on-ya  The plant just dissolves into mush.

Banana = Ba-bye-bye

Sure, a few potted plants made it into the garage.  But much of what was green and growing yesterday will not make it thought to next weekend.  It won’t be a slow death either.  Many times the leaves stay green for a day or so.  Enough for your hope to grow, maybe they made it… nope.

What is a southern gardener to do when the cold high pressure is forecasted?

Cover, Cover, Cover.  (Products coming soon)

If you don’t cover your plants with a sheet, you will cover your eyes with your hands.

That is what I have to do this AM.

Today’s Goal: Image and product description into opencart.



E-commerce Journey

Bouque of small white lily, yellow aster, and pink oxalis
Incredible floral arrangement from the ‘weeds’ in my garden. Love.

Start at the beginning

This isn’t just a gardening blog.   Well maybe someday it will be just about gardening. But today I will share a bit about my journey into understanding the internet and E-commerce.   

This is what I know today regarding E-commerce : open safari, or Firefox, or chrome, type ‘google.com‘, type what you want to buy, click link.  When I am feeling sophisticated I skip to the third page of the search results to try and get something beyond the google promoted. 

This is what I need to know: PHP, SQL, domain, hosting, sub domain, open source, did I mention php?, backlinks, https, hex, encryption, JPEG, pixel, template, coding, shopping cart, open source. As anyone who knows something about these things can see – I don’t even know what I don’t know!

Here is what I do know- and luckily it fits in a paragraph. The ‘host’ is the computer somewhere owned by BlueHost. They sorted out my domain (web address) when I signed up.   Then I installed open cart, thanks Steve Chou, from “My Wife Quit Her Job.com”.  I also installed WordPress so I can blog.  

Now, I have two E-commerce areas, a store (shopping cart from OpenCart)  on the primary web address, okragardensupply.com and a blog (WordPress) which i put on a sub-domain, okragardensupply.com/blog.

The complication came because I need three log in names and passwords. One for OpenCart, one for WordPress, and one for BlueHost.   Seems straight forward enough, but I tell you, it was a bit of a frustration to sort through.  I don’t know how I logged in and edited the OpenCart the first few days but when I tried to log in yesterday I had *NO IDEA* what my user name or password were.  Um, I was stuck.  My BlueHost login had a Russian-hacker-proof password that contained symbols that I didn’t even know were on my keyboard. It didn’t work to log into my opencart page, SHOCKER!  My equally impenetrable WordPress password didn’t work either.  Those were the only two login ID’s and passwords I had.  OpenCart.com had never heard of me.  It seemed my own website hadn’t even heard of me.

Here come the water works!  (that means crying)

But, I composed myself and kept going, I think that you can pretty much find anything on the web.  Two minutes of searching and i found, the link below to “how to reset your opencart password”.  I followed the instructions even though I had to click on something with PHP in the title.  I must also say that the link below didn’t match exactly what I encountered.  Probably a combination of the description below being a little old and also because there is something to do with one letter becoming approximately 4 letters for the computer to understand the letter.  I think it has something to do with code/encryption/MD5 and a word with “hex” in it.  But long story long, I reset my OpenCart password logged in, and now I am only a few clicks away from selling electronics!  Just joking, I will get my products finalized soon (See goals below) and then I can swap out gadgets with something real.



It didn’t work!  What?!?!  Why – Apparently the opencart password needs to 8 characters or fewer.  Once i tried that, I am running again.  Plus now I can get to my cpanel, find PHPadmin, navigate the file tree, find the users file, update the password, set to MD5 (Whatever that is), watch my password update to, is it, Hexidecimal?, anyway, a lot more characters, and boom.  Log into to opencart no problem.

I am learning, so can you!

Today’s goals: Draft last two label images, drill lid holes.


This post is famous in the future!

Just Keep Planting