Saved Seeds – Conquered Fears

The thought of planting 10 okra plants didn’t seem like a very big deal.  And it isn’t.  Except for one thing…


Ahh, the American Red Cockroach, the companion of the southern gardener.   Yes, we must face the truth if we want to garden in the sun belt.  The roaches are with you.  I have come a long way on roaches.  I used to scream and run in fear and disgust, but now I strive to observe the humble, successful roach with some measure of respect.  They are a unique animal, and I am sure I will share more on their amazing attributes in a future post, but for now, just know that, the potting soil was full of roaches.

So, I tried to fill the pots with a scoop as to avoid diving my hands into a bagged roach nest (the plastic potting soil bag).  But ahhhh that scoop was breaking my wrist and the best way to fill pots is to use your hands, but dear reader, I could feel your encouragement, and so feigning courage and blocking the image of roaches scurrying up my arm, I scooped that soil by hand.  Turns out there was only one roach.

Did I run?


Did I scream?


I just scooted her out of the bag and wished her well as she skittered under the potting bench.  Goodbye fair roach, until we meet again.

And the reward for all this personal strength I summoned in facing the roach:  These amazing okra seeds, dried to beautiful seed ripeness by drying on the stalk.


This post is famous.  See the seeds above grown and fruited here

Okra Fruited



So it begins

Comment: Today I got the WordPress site up and running, so it looks like a blog.  Is there a long way to go?  Absolutely, but  the journey has begun.

Business Goal: Improve label designs with pen and pencil, plant 10 okra seeds.