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Soil Pods

Starting plants from seeds is remarkably simple with Soil Pods from Okra Garden Supply.

1 -- Prepare the Pods

Place each soil pod in a small container. I recommend an egg carton or piece cut from toilet paper roll tube because it can be transplated with the sprout, but be sure to place on a water-safe tray as it is not water tight. Gradually add water on each one and watch them come alive and expand. Add water until all the soil is slightly moist. Stir the soil up to evently distribute the moisture and prepare for planting.

2 -- Plant the Seeds

In the loose soil, gently place one seed on each pod and press it in to the soil slightly. Follow any instructions on the seed packet, but you will want to put it deep enough to fully cover the seed. The larger the seed, the deeper it should be. Keep in a mildly sunny and warm location inside, and keep the soil moist as you watch the seed germinate and grow.

3 -- Transplant the Sprouts

After the first few leaves have formed, and after any risk of a freeze has passed, you can move your growing sprout outdoors. First prepare your bed with soil and compost and carve out small holes for each start. Then, for the egg carton method, carefully seperate each pod, using scissors if needed. Or carefully remove the sprout from your container, taking great care not to disturb the roots or fragile stem. Place these in the prepared holes and pack soil around the base to secure in their new home.

Fun Ideas

Soil Pods in Action

These Collard Green seeds have germinated in the Soil Pods and are starting to sprout. Once they get a little bigger it will be time to transplant them. Because we started these plants in the egg carton, we can carefully tear or cut each section and transplant the entire cup into the planter.
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