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Starting plants from seeds is remarkably simple with Soil Pods from Okra Garden Supply. This single pack includes twelve small dehydrated soil pods that are perfect for starting seeds on the windowsill. Each pod starts as a small cylinder 0.5 inch tall and 0.75 inches in diameter. When combined with  tablespoon or so of water a pod will expand to fill the egg carton (not included). The dozen soil pods come wrapped in two paper rolls, similar to how coins are stored. The two rolls are then wrapped together with a piece of paper that has the instructions on the inside. Tabbed tape allows easy opening which minimizes the mess. Children love to watch the pods expand. Once moistened and expanded, plant any seed you like following the specific water, temperature, and light recommendations of the seed supplier. The soil from the pods is suitable for any purpose you might use bagged potting soil. Note: Egg Carton Not Included.

  • Fun Simple Clean
  • Watch Pods Grow In Seconds
  • Thoughtful Gardening Gift Or Party Favor
  • High Quality Soil
  • Made In USA

1 pack contains 12 soil pods.

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Soil Pods

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