Seedlings started in Soil Pods

How to use Soil Pods

Soil Pods are a dehydrated soil wafer that Okra Garden Supply sells to help make it easy for gardeners to start new plants.

Soil Pods are made in the USA, organic, and have the minerals and nutrients that will help your seeds need to start.

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Soil Pod soil wafers

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If you have your Soil Pods and are ready to start growing, follow these steps.

  1. Place 1-2 pods in a small pot. (Learn how to make an Origami Box from your wrapper)2 soil pod wafers
  2. Slowly add 3 teaspoons of water per pod and watch them expand.Soil pod with water starting to be added. More water added to soil pods as they expand. Wet soil expanded to fill container.
  3. Plant one seed in the expanded soil.Use a small tool, like a chop stick, to make a small hole to put the seed in.
  4. Water twice daily.
  5. Transplant into a larger container once your plant has 4 leaves.

Watch as we expand 12 soil pods into the Garden Cube Medium:



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