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The First Goal is not the Final Goal

Dear Reader,

Are you wondering how to get started?

The best way to start is to complete the first step.   Just accomplish the first thing.  In gardening the first step is taking a dry hard seed and turning it into a pair of tender leaves.  This is called germination.

Use the Okra Garden Supply Soil Pods  to start your own seeds.

Soil Pods Expand With Soil Pods Expand With Water

Then with a small container and a devotion to watering you can germinate a seed.  And once you have, you will be a gardener.

Just take the first step.  Summon forth leaves with love and sun and water. You can do it! We have what you need to get started.  Here is how you do it:

Order Supplies from Okra Garden Supply

  • Soil Pods (Bonus collard greens seeds included when you buy direct!)

Soil Pod soil wafers Soil Pod packaging

Garden Cube Mini or Medium Garden Cube Mini Garden Cube Medium

Plant Seeds in Soil Pods

  1. Set 2 pods in a small container like the Garden Cube Mini (or fold an origami box using the soil pod wrappers) and add water to expand them before your eyes. 2 soil pod wafers Soil pod with water starting to be added.More water added to soil pods as they expand.
  2. Plant a collard greens seed in the soil and cover with soil.Wet soil expanded to fill container. Use a small tool, like a chop stick, to make a small hole to put the seed in.
  3. Place on a water proof tray or plate and watch your sprout germinate.

Transplant Sprouts

  1. You should start to see your collard sprout in 3-4 days. Collard sprout
  2. Carefully move your sprout to a larger container once it has developed multiple leaves, about 10 days.Sprout transplanted to Garden Cube Medium.

Move Outside, Grow, and Harvest

  1. Transplant to a raised bed outside. Water and mulch regularly.Transplant collard greens to outdoor bed to continue growing.
  2. Begin harvesting a few leaves from your plant to eat, once you have leaves that are about 8″ – 10″ in diameter. Harvest collards when leaves are 8" - 10".



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