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Okra Garden Supply

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Hello, I am Fire Ant Lisa. I want to help you take your first bite of home grown food.

You can grow your own food. Give it a try!

To make it easy for you, I have invented a new type of raised garden bed, the Grow Cube.

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What is the GROW CUBE?

  • Simply designed, easy to assemble raised bed for gardening.
  • Made in USA with recycled plastic.
  • Modular: start with one, expand with more as you grow.
The Grow Cube on '5 Minute Pitch'
Watch as I share the vision of the GROW CUBE with the 5 Minute Pitch panel! I am competing for a chance for $50,000 to fund Okra Garden Supply innovation.

Why start small?

Soil. After you get a raised bed, you have to fill it. Soil is heavy and expensive, so a small GROW CUBE is a great place to start because it only requires one cubic foot of soil to begin. And, because the GROW CUBE has a smaller footprint and higher walls than many other designs, it won’t be easy for the soil to wash away.

What is Okra Garden Supply?

Okra Garden Supply is my online shop where I hope to bring together the supplies and information you need to start and keep gardening. I live in Houston and so my advice and products are focused on gardening in the Gulf Coast, where we are south of the south. If you are not an expert gardener already, you are likely to face problems I can help you solve.

Where should you garden?

In your backyard. Are you gazing out your window at a boring expanse of grass? Do you want to do something to improve your health, offer wildlife habitat, and learn with your children? Make your little patch of Earth a more productive place with Okra Garden Supply.

Who is Fire Ant Lisa?

I am Fire Ant Lisa, a home gardener and inventor. I am passionate about learning to grow food because it is part of my vision for a sustainable and peaceful life.

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