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Grow a Bite

Okra Garden Supply offers innovative gardening products to help you grow your own food. If you are a first time or long time gardener, have lots of acreage or are an urban gardener, we want to help you start growing collards, and then partner with you on your growing journey as a trusted source for high quality and sustainable gardening products and information.

Okra Garden Supply Products

Our product line includes a modular system of 3D printed planters and accessories like labels and support steaks to start seeds indoors. The labels can be put directly in the ground, or fit into the grooves of the planter walls. The planter walls slide apart for easy storage and to help with the transplanting process.

Okra Garden Supply offers USA manufactured products and sustainable business practices. In order to offer a large selection of colors and product designs, some items are printed for you on demand. We appreciate your patience if it takes a couple extra days to ship your order out.

Start Growing Collard Greens

Growing food is an essential skill. Follow these steps to grow collard greens from seed using Okra Garden Supply's Soil Pods and Garden Cubes .

Bonus Collard Greens seeds included when you buy direct.

Plant Seeds
  1. Set 2 pods in a small container (or fold an origami box using the soil pod wrappers) and add water to expand them before your eyes.
  2. Plant a collard greens seed in the soil and cover with soil.
Place on a water proof tray or plate and watch your sprout germinate.
Transplant Sprouts
  1. You should start to see your collard sprout in 3-4 days.
  2. Carefully move your sprout to a larger container once it has developed multiple leaves, about 10 days.
Move Outside, Grow, and Harvest
  1. Transplant to a raised bed outside. Water and mulch regularly.
  2. Begin harvesting a few leaves from your plant to eat, once you have leaves that are about 8" - 10" in diameter.

Why Okra Garden Supply?

Okra Garden Supply was started with the mission to help more people grow their own food. Making it easier to grow your own food is part of our vision for a sustainable and peaceful life. Learn from our research and experience with urban gardening in the Gulf Coast region. Read to learn and be entertained, and visit our shop that includes products designed and curated to help you grow food.


Quality means that we source, invent, and manufacture products designed to remain in good condition with minimal maintenance for many uses. Garden tools and supplies that are made with care are fun and easy to use.

We will stand behind our products and replace or refund if you are not satisfied. We also want to learn from our customers as we continually innovate and improve our product line to meet the needs of the urban gardener.


At Okra Garden Supply, sustainability is part of our mission and design principles in the following ways.

  • Design innovative gardening products to help you grow your own food in a sustainable way.
  • Products should be reusable both to provide additional value to the customer, and also to reduce the amount of raw materials needed when gardening.
  • Improve the market for recycled materials by curating and designing products made from recycled materials and building a closed loop supply chain to recycle the products manufactured by Okra Garden Supply.
  • Build strong communities and help protect from supply chain vulnerabilities by manufacturing local, choosing vendors who pay living wages. Pay living wages to Okra Garden Supply employees and other service providers.
  • Select products where their environmental impact minimized and accounted for.

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